Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Victorian Bouffant Rolled Hair Updo - Video Tutorial

This is a VERY Victorian hairstyle! It is has the Bouffant for the front and the puff in the back. If you were to go to a reenactment in full costume you wouldn't lack knowing how to do your hair. :P When I finished the hairstyle I rather liked it. But.... all of my family said it didn't look flattering on me...Though it may have looked fine if I was wearing the correct clothes with it. (Not jeans and a t-shirt.) Clothing always helps a hairstyle. ;)

Forgive me for having some of the steps out of place in some areas. My video editor was giving me problems and it saved it that way instead of the way I had it put it. When the video text at about 4.20 seconds says:
"This middles step was left out..." It is suppose to be in the spot after the first two rolled bouffants are shown. Sorry for the inconvenience. :|

Thanks for watching and I hope that you have fun doing your hair. ;) If you have any questions please ask in the comments box. ;)

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