Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some Thoughts About How to Know the True Character of Your "Guy"

Some thoughts on how to get to know our "Date" have come to my mind. I have often heard people say that the spouse they had married is nothing like the spouse they dated. No matter who you are, or how you court/date, you will see sides of each other that you never thought you would have seen.

 Going out with him is a good way to get know him, yes. But true character can be hid. Spend time with his family. Ask his mother, sisters, friends, what his tastes are, his passions, but most of all ask them his faults and good qualities. How does he treat his sisters? His brothers? What is his respect towards his father? Is he honoring to him and his mother? If he doesn't respect his family, he isn't going to respect you, after you are married. Remember, this is the guy you will be married to for life. We want to be able to know his true character, BEFORE we say " I do". We need to know what to expect as his help-meet. If we don't, we may have a husband we promised ourselves we would never have.

Let your Dad go on "dates" with the guy. Watch how he treats your Father, your Mother and your silblings. (If He is or you are an only Child, watch how he treats other children. THIS is very important! If you are going to be trusting the Lord on the size of your family, then you need a man who will love the roll of a father.)  If he scoffs/laughs at some of the ways your parents believe or do things, then that should send up a red flag.

Just some thoughts... ;)

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