Wednesday, January 8, 2014

You will always have the dishes...

Last Night, I watched, as all 3 of my younger brothers slipped and slid over the 10 foot ice puddle in our yard. I thought of joining them, then the clock struck 4:30. It was time to prepare for dinner. Regretting that I wouldn't be able to join them, I went about my dinner duties, the children came in and I told them how much fun it looked like skateing on the ice....Also saying it would be fun to join them tomorrow. 
All that night and all that morning, their excitement that sissy was going to play with them increased. That's when I realized two things: 1. That you will always have dishes to do, and your blog will be there for you when you when you need it. Your brothers won't. One day their going to grow up. One day, their going to have their own families. They won't be as free to give you a kiss or a hug one day as they are now... They'll be to "grown up" for things like that.

"Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it. But you can use it. You can't keep it. But you can spend it. Once you've lost it, you can never get it back."
The last line strikes me hard. "...Once you've lost it, you can never get it back." It makes me think about all the times I have said "NO" when a sibling asks me to do something for him. All the times I ignored sweet faces asking me for a drink of water. All the times I played on my I-phone, instead of playing that OLD card game of "War". I think to myself now, what was more important? My brothers hearts being fond of me? Or my phone, that needed more attention than I gave my brothers. So many times we get caught up in what the world has to offer. Caught up with our own pleasures. Think ahead a couple of years, think about how you want your siblings and family to remember you. Do you want them to remember you as a stone cold person sitting on the couch, staring at your phone and laughing at what your friends said on Facebook? Or do you want them to remember you as the sweet sister who got up from her seat when she needed you? A sister always willing to answer a math question or wanting to play that "War" game. Someone who is always making you feel special. I know which one I want to be... I want to be the one that is always willing to help and be there. But, I ask myself: "which one are you in reality?" And I hang my head in shame. Knowing I am the one ignoring each and every little smile and kiss offered. But, it's not to late to start afresh. It's still a beginning to a new year. Christ's blood of forgiveness is still there, waiting for you to claim it. For US to claim it. He is our strength "our shield and our portion be". There is always today, to start afresh. I encourage you (and myself), next time something is asked, not to say in a hateful grumpy tone: "Go ask MOM! She is your teacher!" but to answer their questions with an attitude of contentment and sweetness. This brings me to my second point...

A Sister has a HUGE influence over her younger brothers, and especially younger sisters. When my sister was born, I was very excited. Little did I know how much the Lord was going to teach me through her. (At the time I was the oldest of 5 and had never had a sister. There is about 15 years difference between me and my sister.) When she got old enough to understand and see the way I acted, she began to mimic me. Every time I would call her down for unkindly saying or doing something, the Lord would say to me: "Where did she learn that from?" Conviction would seize my heart and I would realize that it is I who have been so unkind to my family. I, who have not spoken kindly to my brothers. I, who have not set the correct example. And she sees that, and she thinks it's ok... Because: "Sissy does it". In a way this can be encouraging. Children learn how to act by the way the people they are most around act. Again, this is where we call on Christ and say: "Lord change me!" This is where his blood will cover our sins again. This is where he changes us. And through us, HE is seen. And because the children see HIM, they become like Him. Like I said above, children become like who they are around most. And if you are like Christ and He is shining through you, then THEY will become more like Christ! Because, they see how you are leaning on his strength and how you trust him, and they will learn to trust him through your example. ;)

May God be with you. 



  1. Very very true! Children grow up, parents get older :(, opportunities cease to exist. Cease them while you can. Relationships, experiences, and the giving of yourself is more important that most anything.