Thursday, March 20, 2014

Creating a Hope Chest - Post 3 - Recipe Book

What could be a better addition to your/our hope chest than a cookbook of family favorites! Written down with you and your Mom's handwriting. I look forward to finishing mine, placing it my hope chest, and one day getting it out and using it. I can already see how I will love getting it out and smiling at the memories we made together.. :) We are planning to place some of our cooking stories throughout the cookbook and to also decorate the outside. If you have already begun a cookbook for your hope chest I would love to hear how you did it! :)

First, we decided on what size book we wanted.. We didn't want the really big ones and we didn't want 3x4 index cards- that was to small. Mom went to the handy dandy Amazon and found this binder. It is half the size of a piece of regular paper, very thick, and a great size! Here is the link:  Durable Binder

My Mom... Concentrating on copying a recipe and trying to figure out which pen is going to work. ;)

I love her handwriting. ;)

My Mom made these recipe pages and if you would like to have the same kind for yours, you can find them in her ETSY SHOP. It is a pdf download and you can print it as many times as you want afterwards. ;)

My handwriting. I used to writing alot fancier than this, but I needed it to be simple for the recipes... It was difficult having to adjust myself to "teacher handwriting", as my Mom calls it. ;)
Having handwritten recipes makes the cook book even more special. 

I am terrible at taking to many close ups.. I just love them though. :P

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