Monday, March 10, 2014

She Came Crying

Nineteen long years ago, a new born baby girl lay in her mother's loving arms, crying.The mother's first child. She was excited and couldn't wait to be able to go home and raise the child. A few months stroll by, and the baby will not stop crying. Holding her and rocking her isn't helping, and the frustrated mother puts her in her crib. The baby calms. Finally content that she is left alone. Independence and her own will has sprung up, and little does she know how much strife it will cause in coming years.
A few years pass. Affection - cuddles, love and care bestowed by the loving mother- is something she detests and has detested ever since she can remember. Bitterness continues to constantly fill her soul. This hatred for her mother became apparent; hurting the mother deeply.
Another few years pass. The ten year old girl, still bitter and ever so rebellious to her mother, is encouraged in her sins by her friends. Not in the least caring how her mother feels. The mother, though sad and weary with her daughters unjust behavior, continues to love her and do the best she can for her. All in a love, her daughter never deserved. The daughter's sin begins to weigh heavily on her heart. The hatred and bitterness that have grown in her over the past years have made her depressed and her soul heavy. A burden, has made it's root. 
The girl enters her teen years. Depression a constant struggle and the physical and spiritual weight it gives, makes her desire a happiness she can see in the others around her. Her mother talks to her again. Telling her about Christ and how he removes burdens. That she needed to pray to Him, asking for deliverance. She sit's in her room with the sun gleaming through the windows. Thoughts consume her mind. "Why should I pray to God.. Christianity is just a show to make you look good in front of people..." Her thoughts end and through tears of conviction she prays a loud, "God, Help me... I know, I see, I am wrong. I'm tired, I'm unhappy. I know I have no need to be...Save me from this pit! Help my unbelief!" She covers her eyes with her hand. Her heart heavy, her sins open before her. The hatred she showed to her mother, the rebellion against the Almighty all before her.  Once again she cry's, "God help me! Her heart leaps. Physically leaps. The burden of all those years of bitterness has been lifted. Like a boulder being lifted off of a slaves shoulders. Her tears quiet and she rises from her bed, knowing that an Almighty Power had begun His work in her. She rose, knowing that her burden had been lifted by the pure blood of Jesus Christ. The Christ who died for her undeserving soul. He was no longer a story to her, but a person. A person, who loved and cared for her sinful soul.
A few years pass, the girl watches her mother as she cooks dinner once again for the family. She sees how good and patient she was with her. She saw how she could have had a better relationship all those years ago. A thought hit's her mind, "My mother is my best friend now. All those years of hating her.. Why? I could have had a best friend... I wouldn't trade her for the world now." 
She also remembered the day that the Heavenly Father redeemed her. The deliverance and forgiveness He gave her when she cried to Him and how undeserving she had been of His Grace.. A grateful tear trickled down her cheek. Her burden was left behind. And she came crying.... to Him... and He delivered.

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