Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hashtag it: #ModernModesty

Hey ya'll!! I wanted to let you know that this blog is now on Pinterest. This Pinterest page is dedicated to modesty, biblical quotes and a few extra things on the side. Over the last year I have had the problem of following people who proclaimed modesty, but didn't pin anything related to the subject. True modesty and true biblical quotes is what I want this page to be ruled by.
Now that that is said, I thought it would be fun to create a hashtag on Pinterest and Twitter for modern modesty. But before I do, I thought I would post what is "ok" to hashtag.

I Ask:
  •  that you don't pin people who's shirts would be modest IF they had a lace kami under it.  It's ok to pin outfits with a low blouse -like the one below-  that do not have people in the picture, but please state that it needs a kami. The reason I state this is because I don't want immodest people hashtaged. The picture below with the women from the Modern Modesty blog is modest because she has a kami. If she didn't have one on, then that is where you go wrong and where you wouldn't hashtag.

  • that shirts must come to the waist.
  • that shirts must not be shouderless. Wide sleeveless shirts are great!
  • that you don't hashtag kami's that stand alone
  • please do not hashtag shirts that "boost" or "idolize" your chest area. 
  • that you only hashtag shorts that come to the knee. 
  • that you only hashtag jeans and capris that don't have holes ALL over them. 
  • that you only pin skirts below the knee and longer. No pencil skirts.
  • Dresses should be below the knee and longer.
With that said, PLEASE have so much FUN pinning and hashtaging #modernmodesty!!!! The goal here is to help people know how to buy clothes to pair and make modest or the clothes in their closets. I know I am excited to start this and I hope that you will join in! Thank you!

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